OakLeaf Medical Network exists to promote the independent practice of medicine and to help preserve the individualized quality experience associated with independent practice for the consumer.

OakLeaf Medical Network is a physician-directed, patient-centered health services network that provides care in small, personalized settings. The Network creates value for its patients and participating members by concentrating on the delivery of efficient, accessible medical services. The OakLeaf Medical Network links over 175 health care providers and clinics, serving over 30 communities in western Wisconsin and eastern Minnesota. These skilled medical professionals, encompassing over 40 specializations, offer patients access though clinics and outreach locations within the OakLeaf Medical Network service region.

Also a member of the OakLeaf Medical Network is OakLeaf Surgical Hospital located in Altoona. OakLeaf Surgical Hospital is a highly respected, state-of-the-art surgical hospital designed for the needs of patients having elective surgery. The hospital is focused on providing quality individualized care with the very latest technological advancements in surgery blended with warmth, comfort and convenience for it's patients.

OakLeaf Medical Network providers choose to practice independently, free from the constraints of a large institutional system. They actively share resources and expertise and seek referrals from other network specialists to assure quality healthcare options for all who come under their care. What this means for the physician is a strong supporting network of independent physicians and clinics. What it means for you, the patient, is a network of providers focused on delivering the very best in medical care. Friendly, easy to find local offices and clinics assure that personalized medical care will be found close to home. A convenient on-line directory allows you to quickly find a doctor or specialization in your area.